New service technician in Skåne

We are happy to welcome Anders, our 16th coworker and service techician, to our region in Skåne. Together we will work with providing technical support to our customers in Skåne.

New service contract with ABB Ludvika

After several years of working toghether with ABB Ludvika we have now expanded the service. We have signed a new service contract with ABB Ludvika on all their compactors, bale presses, roll packs and tipping devices.

New employee and coworker in Gothenburgh

Service Link welcomes our 15th technician, Stefan, to our office in Gothenburgh. We are looking forward to an exciting future together with helping our customers in Bohuslän with technical support.

New service technician in Norrland

The 14th service technician post has been appointed by a new coworker in Norrland. We welcome Christer whose region starts 40 km south of Sundsvall. Compactors and bale presses in Norrland, here we come!