COOP Konsum Värmland

We help COOP Konsum Värmland with installation of new waste equipment, maintenance of current machines, troubleshooting, repairs and rebuilding. Our mutual effort to be cost effective and make things go smooth in Värmland makes our cooperation successful.

Avfallsteknik Skandinavien AB

The largest and most successful supplier of compactors and bale presses in Sweden has given us their confidence to run installations, repairs, maintenance on regular basis and rebuilding of waste equipment, delivered by them. We are proud and grateful for this contract. At the same time, the task makes us humble so that we continually search for cost efficiency and improvements in our performance.

Rolf Öster, Lagena Distribution in Haninge

“Service Link has installed our compactors and do services on them. We are very satisfied with their work. We get quick and good service with a friendly treatment. Lagena Distribution AB in Haninge.”