About Cookies

What is cookies?

We use cookies to give a better user experience at our homepage. The legal regulations concerning cookies were changed July 1th 2011. A cookie is a small file that saves information about the visitor. This way the webb site will recognize the specific browser next time and will be able to optimize the experience.

Since then, cookies (and similar technics) has to be approved by the user. This means that we have to inform that this webb site uses cookies. For exampel the cookie remembers the last time you visited the web site, information in a form, different choises you have made.

A cookie can not containe a code so you do not have to worry about spy programs, viruses or advertisement.

Different types of cookies

Sessions-cookies – This type of cookies keeps track of the actual visit at the web site and dissapear when you close down your browser

Solid cookies – Solid cookies remembers you when you revisit the web site. Through this type of file you do not need to see messages several times. These cookies have to be deleated manually in the browser.

Cookies in the browser

Settings can be made in the browser that decides which cookies that are to be deleated, blocked or be allowed on different web sites. These types of settings are often found by going to the archive menue and then “internet settings” or just “settings”.

Laws and regulations about cookies

On this side you find updated information about laws and regulations concerning cookies in Sweden. minacookies.se.

Supervisory authorithy for this area is Post- och telestyrelsen. Their home page contains a lot of information concerning this topic. pts.se

External links and analasys tool

This web site also uses Google Analytics which is an extern tool to measure and analyze web sites. Information about what is collected and how this information is used is found at Googles policy web site here: Googles informationssida

About this web site

This web site is produced by The Generation WebbyrÄ Stockholm and is built by the open source system WordPress as publishing platform. The page is adapted to mobile phones/ responsive, to be able to work as well on mobile untis as i-pads and computers.