Compactors and bale presses mostly do not require complex installations but the machines need to be prepared for a long term running. The ground or floor on which the compactor will be placed should be protected against wear if the machine is emptied often. This is achieved by using guide plates or ground plates under the wheels of steel. The ground plates need to be tightened with bolts to the ground. The ground plates also help to guide the machine to the exact right spot after emptying. Quick and simple. Sometimes the compactor is connected to a building by a shaft. The shaft needs to be fastened both to the machine and the wall.

A bale press is to be put in place and unpacked, loose machine parts mounted and the bale press loaded with bale straps. At the end the machine has to be started up and tested for its function.
A tipping device for waste bins is mounted and integrated with the compactor.

We are experts on installation and we will provide a correct start up so that unnecessary disruptions can be avoided later.

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