An existing compactor may require accessories to make it even more functional. It might require an automatic lid instead of a manually powered one. Then we install a lid lifting kit with hoists. Or, maybe You would like the machine to call the waste company by it self when it is time to empty it. Then we have a prepared GSM-kit which we plug in to the electrical system. With this equipment You do not need to monitor the filling indicator lamp, make the call and tell what machine it is. It is all done automatically.

Waste sometimes smell a little, especially in summertime. The machine can be provided with an ionization unit that reduces smell. It can also be about rebuilding the feeding hopper so that the machine fulfils the work safety regulations of the Work Environment Authority.

It does not matter what kind of adjustment that needs to be done. We do it all and can rebuild the compactor so it suites Your needs. We call it function optimization and we are happy to make You an offer.

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